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Während des Zweiten Weltkriegs treffen im nordafrikanischen Casablanca der Spion Max Vatan und die Widerstandskämpferin Marianne Beausejour aufeinander. Beide haben den Auftrag, den deutschen Botschafter vor Ort auszuschalten. Während der. Allied – Vertraute Fremde (Originaltitel: Allied) ist ein US-amerikanisches Filmdrama von Robert Zemeckis, das am November in die. Allied - Vertraute Fremde ein Film von Robert Zemeckis mit Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard. Inhaltsangabe: Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) hat einen besonderen Lebensstil,​. ist daraus nun ein 85 Millionen Dollar teurer Hollywood-Film mit den Weltstars Brad Pitt und Marion Cotillard geworden. Mit Oscarpreisträger Robert Zemeckis (​für. Als Fan von Zemeckis' Filmen habe ich nun endlich auch ALLIED verspätet nachgeholt. Leider stimmt an diesem Film für meinen Geschmack zu vieles nicht.

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Allied – Vertraute Fremde (Originaltitel: Allied) ist ein US-amerikanisches Filmdrama von Robert Zemeckis, das am November in die. Im zur Zeit des Zweiten Weltkriegs angesiedelten Thrillers Allied verliebt sich Brad Pitt als Spion in die Frau, dessen Ehemann er vorgibt zu sein: Marion. Ganz der klassische empfindsame Held, zu dem sich der Londoner Geheimdienstoffizier Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) im Laufe des Films entwickeln. Photo Gallery. Mr and Mrs Smith territory but with the major plus of Marion Cottillard. Archived from the original on November 7, I will take the movie as a whole and suggest Oscar nominations for original screenplay and both leading roles. My husband and I click at this page enjoyed this movie. We have the excellent Jared Harris, beloved of all MAD MEN fans, this web page his resonant voice which is as soothing as hot chocolate, but lacking closeups, so that we can barely see. Full Cast and Crew. British Academy Film Awards. Mr and Mrs Smith territory but with the major plus of Marion Cottillard. Share this Rating Title: Click the following article 7. Many people worked their butts off giving us great sets, great props, great clothes, wonderful period cars. Allied Film

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Sein Heiratsantrag kommt, als sie ihren Auftrag ausgeführt und den Nazi-Botschafter per Attentat getötet haben. War Dogs. Die erste dreiviertel Stunde ist für mich das Stärkste learn more here Film. Aber die Erzählung ist…. Was wir vom Kinojahr erwarten dürfen! User folgen Follower Lies die Kritiken. Produktions-Format. Andernfalls würde er click als Komplize hingerichtet werden. Happy Feet 2. Marion Bailey. Da sie den Tag eventuell nicht überleben werden, schlafen sie im Auto go here, während ein Sandsturm tobt. Click here - Vertraute Fremde. Click von Robert Zemeckis. Sie mimen für die Deutschen ein Ehepaar. Inception Lizzy Caplan. Vor dem Attentat üben sie in der Wüste. Allied - SГјГџes Gift Fremde ist ein würdiger Casablanca-Nachfolger. Graham King. Robert Zemeckis. Kritik schreiben. Der erschossene deutsche Botschafter sei ein Dissident gewesen, den Hitler eliminieren lassen wollte. Doch das wird durch all die anderen Stärken, insbesondere optisch. Es sollte go here toller Agentenfilm werden. Learn more here mimen die Deutschen ein Ehepaar. Marion Cotillard. Detailansicht öffnen. Filme von Robert Zemeckis. Zur SZ-Startseite. The Walk. Die Handlung ist ein Witz, komplett unlogisch, bzw. Deepwater Horizon. Aber als reizvoll…. Nutzer haben Brandmauer.

Director: Robert Zemeckis. Writer: Steven Knight. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Para ver netflix.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Brad Pitt Max Vatan Vincent Ebrahim Driver in Desert Xavier de Guillebon Claude Marion Cotillard Monique Michael McKell Hobar's Secretary August Diehl Hobar Miryam Hayward Moroccan Girl Iselle Rifat Moroccan Girl Aysha Kanayo Moroccan Girl Anton Blake German Ambassador Daniel Betts George Kavanagh Sally Messham Learn more More Like This.

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Burgess and Zemeckis elected to break the film down into six specific visual appearances to match the changing tone and settings for the film.

For when his character spoke French in the film, Pitt worked with Cotillard to help develop his accent. Filming of the assassination scene was interrupted when Cotillard "freaked out" while handling the weapon.

To help with her discomfort, Zemeckis instructed her to put the lock on the machine gun she would use. Designer and frequent Zemeckis collaborator Joanna Johnston provided the costume design on the film, and was given free rein by Zemeckis on the designs.

She described in an interview that she sought to give the costumes a polished, glossy look. When she goes to London, she takes on a mantle of being a mother and wife, so I put her in warmer tones.

But you never really know who she is. All of the outfits in the film were custom-made for the cast.

The silver cross, worn by Brad Pitt in the film, was also custom-made by London-based jeweller Stephen Einhorn. The site's consensus states: " Allied has its moments, but doesn't quite achieve epic wartime romance status—a disappointment made more profound by the dazzling talent assembled on either side of the camera.

Stephanie Zacharek of Time stated that "Even within this highly synthetic world, Pitt and Cotillard give sturdy, coded performances that feel naturalistic, not phony: They understand clearly that their chief mission is to tap the tradition of melodrama, and they take it seriously.

Somehow, almost incomprehensibly, it all works. Allied looks old but smells new, and the scent is heady.

In his summary he wrote, "It is a lovely homage to the kind of entertainment that Hollywood used to put out in the day without breaking a sweat, while still strong and sure enough to work on viewers who have never seen any of the films to which it pays tribute.

Conversely, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ' s Gary Rotstein wrote that notwithstanding "so many shared plot references [to] Casablanca ", while that film is "among the greatest films of all time He would also write critically of Pitt and Cotillard's chemistry, comparing them to "thesp robots from Westworld with some kind of Google Translate chip implanted in their heads".

This would tie into his criticisms of Knight's screenplay, which he referred to as "flaccid". Lyttleton would also be critical of the visual effects and the third act of the film, drawing a comparison of "malevolently" splicing scenes of Michael Bay 's Pearl Harbor into Alfred Hitchcock 's Notorious.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. Mick Audsley Jeremiah O'Driscoll. The individual performances of Pitt and Cotillard were given relatively positive reviews, but received mixed reviews for romantic chemistry.

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Archived from the original on June 1, Generally that World War 2 era has that glamorous style to it, and leave it to Robert Zemeckis to add that extra kick.

And that made this movie strangely interesting. The 1st movie I ever seen about Canada's involvement in the War. Maybe I have seen others but it's so rare that it makes this movie seem unique that the story is about a Canadian wing commander who falls in love and builds a life with a woman who may not be all that she claims.

Speaking of which, The best part of the movie is that drama. Though I love the art direction as it puts me in That WWII setting, the visual effects do a good job of placing you right there, but the drama coming from Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard's connection on camera.

It's this connection that's the most important and makes the movie what it is, and the emotion baggage is well worth it.

So not much of a war epic or an espionage movie as I went to see if for but it's a great love story set perfectly and beautifully in a different time and place worthy of checking out.

The Academy Award-winning motion picture Casablanca has become a legend of filmmaking, almost a part of folklore, by being as perfect a movie as is possible.

Robert Zemeckis, the director of Paramount's Allied, apparently believes that by fashioning his film on Casablanca, some of the magic of the picture will rub off on his.

It doesn't. And that's a shame, because if the picture were truly a sum of its parts, Allied would be a wonderful experience. But unlike Casablanca, the individual scenes of Allied do not add up to a complete picture.

Rather, the diverse parts of the movie look as if they've been snipped from other, better pictures, and cobbled together by screenwriter Steven Knight for Zemeckis to direct.

In Allied, a crack Canadian counterintelligence agent played by Brad Pitt parachutes into French Morocco during the early days of World War II and makes his way to Casablanca to rendezvous with a member of the French resistance, played by Marion Cotillard.

Their mission is to do some spy stuff together and then scoot back to London. Naturally they fall in love. And that's just the beginning of a picture which stretches credibility more and more with each of its passing minutes.

Allied is a triumph of production design and costuming, but that's really not saying all that much. Pitt and Cotillard are attractive people and they look swell in the picture.

Which leads to another difficulty with Allied: The anachronisms. In any motion picture, authenticity is essential to maintaining a successful illusion.

In Allied, that's where the seams really begin to show. Key sequences take place during nighttime German bombing raids over London in through —yes, the movie does cover some ground.

But nobody seems to realize that the last major German bombing raids on London occurred fairly early in , before Hitler turned east and attacked the Soviet Union.

But that's incidental to a picture in which World War II is little more than a plot device to enable the characters to participate illogically in exciting adventures.

At one point, for narrow personal reasons Pitt's character steals an RAF airplane and dashes off to occupied France, and then promptly upon arrival accidentally instigates a melee between the French resistance and German soldiers.

In the very next scene, Pitt astonishingly appears back in London looking somewhat the worse for wear—exhausted and stylishly disheveled, but without an explanation of what happened to his companions in France or how he got back to England in such a big fat hurry.

In reality, had the officer made it back alive he'd undoubtedly have been court-martialed. Pitt's character apparently works for an especially casual branch of the wartime military.

And in fact, Pitt's performance begins and ends with his physical appearance and his costuming. The actor looks properly dapper and dashing in his military uniform, and his formal attire and civilian clothing are stylish.

But any real attempt at characterization seems to have been left behind either in Pitt's dressing room or in the supermarket tabloids.

Marion Cotillard, a genuinely talented actress who received an Academy Award for her performance as Edith Piaf in 's La Vie en Rose, reads her lines—especially the occasional subtitled French-language dialogue—with spirit and conviction.

But she seems distracted, as if she's trying to remember somewhere else she's supposed to be. In one early scene, Pitt's character is described by Cotillard as a poker-playing expert.

As a test, a German agent gives Pitt a deck of cards to shuffle. After a brief pause to gain suspense—Can he do it?

But the filmmakers don't even bother to create the illusion that it's Pitt performing the tricks. Only in the last shot of the scene, in which the actor himself performs one clumsy little shuffle, does Pitt's face appear in the same shot as the cards.

That scene can serve as a metaphor for the entire picture. Essentially Allied is a clumsy diversion, a sleight-of-hand trick to distract the viewer from the fact that he's seen it all before, in better movies.

Allied is a dumb movie masquerading as a smart one. If you want to see attractive people in stylish clothes and colorful situations, this is the movie for you.

But if you want to see a compelling, believable drama about wartime romance, skip it. Or better yet, just watch Casablanca again.

This movie has it's entertaining moments but is generally pretty bad. Totally lacking any tension the scenes are predictable and don't connect well to each other.

The script is awful, almost laughable. The lesbian couple are pointless and seem to be thrown in there for PC reasons.

Why does Brad Pitt turn into a mannequin every time he is introduced to people? The plot is full of holes Surely they could have been useful in North Africa or Italy!

How was Beausejour allowed enter Britain, only for the British to later discover she was dead? So much for their Gibraltar station!

Now that could have been interesting! Director Robert Zemeckis gives us some breathtaking moments in "Allied" from The film stars Brad Pitt and Marian Cotillard as Max and Marianne, two spies who meet on a joint assignment in France and fall in love.

Mission accomplished, Max proposes. She is allowed to come to England and marry him, and they have a beautiful daughter. One day Max's bosses call him in and say that they believe Marianne took the name of an executed resistance worker and is, in fact, a German spy.

They order him to write down a fake message he will be given by phone, and if it shows up in transmissions the following Monday, they will know the truth.

Then he must execute her. Max, however, has no intention of waiting until Monday to find out. By no means is this a perfect film and yes, some parts are easy to guess.

When you've seen films or more, it's not hard to know what's going to happen after certain scenes.

The script could have been a little more interesting. I certainly didn't find it sentimental and goopy as someone described it.

And what the heck is wrong with sentiment anyway? It was not, to me, overdone. If I am being honest, I think the problem lay with the casting of Brad Pitt.

He's a real honest-to-God movie star as they had in the old Hollywood, and I love him. Pitt does not bring to the character the layers and depth which would have made this a richer film.

He has the stoicism but little else. Also I found his face distracting - he's had injections in the bottom part of his face and it looks different.

Cotillard, on the other hand, gives a brilliant performance of an expert spy who falls in love with her temporary partner, sending her life into another trajectory.

Someone pointed out some modernizations that were off-putting. One was Max's sister as an out lesbian - highly doubtful in those days in England.

The one I caught was the phrase "take it outside. A little more care needs to be taken when dealing with period pieces.

The special effects were fantastic and brought home the idea of how close in proximity the war was to the British people.

The scene with the ambassador was excellent; but my favorite scene was the one in the desert with the car. I recommend it.

I thought it was well done and well acted, exciting in parts, and also poignant. To young people I say - don't be hardened to sentimentality at your age.

Greetings again from the darkness. It's rare to see such a blatant homage to that classic, but director Robert Zemekis Oscar winner for Forrest Gump and writer Steven Knight Dirty Pretty Things, Eastern Promises deliver their version with an identical setting, nearly identical costumes, and the re-use of a song "La Marseillaise" which played such a crucial role.

This one has offers a dose of each blended with some romance and a vital "is she or isn't she" plot.

Her introduction here is a thing of beauty, as she floats across the room thrilled to be reuniting with her husband Max Vatan.

Of course the catch is that Max is really a Canadian Agent and their marriage is a cover for their mission to assassinate a key Nazi.

Yes, it's in Morocco. The two agents work well together and it's no surprise when this escalates to a real romance between two beautiful and secretive people.

It seems only natural that after killing Nazi's and making love in a car during a ferocious sandstorm that the next steps would be marriage, a move to London, and having a kid.

It's at this point where viewers will be divided. Those loving the action-spy approach will find the London segment slows the movie to a crawl.

Those who prefer intelligence gathering and intrigue may very well enjoy the second half more. What if your assignment was to kill your beloved wife if she were deemed to be a double-agent?

Max finds himself in this predicament, and since no one ever says what they mean in the community of spies, he isn't sure if the evidence is legit or if it's really a game to test his own loyalty.

Marion Cotillard is stellar in her role. She flashes a warm and beautiful smile that expertly masks her true persona. The nuance and subtlety of her performance is quite impressive.

Pitt does a nice job as the desperate husband hiding his desperation, but his role doesn't require the intricacies of hers.

The Zemekis team is all in fine form here: Cinematographer Don Burgess captures the feel of the era, Composer Alan Silvestri never tries to overpower a scene, and Costume Designer Joanna Johnston is likely headed for an Oscar nomination.

For a spy movie, the story is actually pretty simple and the tension is never over-bearing like we might expect. While watching the performance of Ms.

Cotillard, keep in mind her most telling line of dialogue: "I keep the emotions real. How effective it is will be determined by the end of the movie.

RLTerry1 21 November Quite the duplicitous plot! Robert Zemeckis' Allied released by Paramount Pictures is a thrilling tale of espionage and love.

We have certainly seen a few different "spy" movies over the last couple of years; some more about espionage and others more about the drama that ensues afterwards.

Fortunately, Allied feels like a genuine spy movie that actually contains espionage. The production design and costumes are a beautiful throwback to the fabulous 40s.

You'll find yourself reaching for a glass of champagne and swing dancing to Benny Goodman's timeless big band jazz hit Sing, Sing, Sing.

There is one city synonymous with WWII, espionage, and romance and you will appropriately return to that iconic city of Casablanca in Allied.

This is definitely not a reimagined Casablanca but there are indirect references to that movie sprinkled throughout this new story.

Films like this one require top notch talent, and both Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard deliver outstanding performances to accompany this staple in film genres.

Not limited to the love story between Pitt's and Cotillard's respective characters, the movie also includes some deadly shootout scenes and dangerously close encounters with the Nazis behind enemy lines.

Commander and intelligence officer Max Vatan Pitt is stationed in the famous city of Casablanca in French Morocco where he teams up with French resistance movement leader Marianne Beausejour Cotillard.

Impressed by her ability to so effectively blend in and create her authentic cover, Vatan soon finds himself falling in love with his partner.

Following the assassination of a Nazi ambassador, Beausejour and Vatan flee to London to start their life together. Everything is going beautifully for the happy couple in their second year of marriage with a child when Vatan's superiors confront him with the suspicion that Marianne is in fact a Nazi spy.

Refusing to believe it to be true, Max must now conduct his own investigation into his wife's history to protect the ones he loves so dearly.

I absolutely adored the look and feel of the film as it echoes the era of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Although this movie plays off a tad listless as a result of failing to elicit a strong emotional response from the audience, it is not without it outstanding elements.

It benefits from solid acting and beautiful cinematography as well as some fantastic symbolism. Robert Zemeckis' talent for visual storytelling is clearly visible in this period film.

The weakness in the ability to successfully leave a lasting emotional impact on the audience is in the writing and executive producership of Steven Knight Eastern Promises.

All the makings were there for a deeply moving cinematic story, but it just doesn't quite make that transition from the mostly superficial and distant.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall But, I digress.

Ganz der klassische empfindsame Held, zu dem sich der Londoner Geheimdienstoffizier Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) im Laufe des Films entwickeln. Allied. Ein Film von Robert Zemeckis. /db_data/movies/allied/scen/l/ALLIED_1. Im zur Zeit des Zweiten Weltkriegs angesiedelten Thrillers Allied verliebt sich Brad Pitt als Spion in die Frau, dessen Ehemann er vorgibt zu sein: Marion. Film: Allied - Vertraute Fremde - Bild1 · Film: Allied - Vertraute Fremde - Bild2 · Film: Allied - Vertraute Fremde - Bild3 · Film: Allied - Vertraute Fremde - Bild4.

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Aber er…. Die französische Widerstandskämpferin arbeitet verdeckt in einem feindlichen Regierungsgebäude, und auf diese Weise soll auch Max an wichtige Informationen gelangen. Strategisch im Https:// platzierte Spiegel irritieren die Wahrnehmung, lassen erst durch einen weichen Schwung der Kamera erkennen, dass wir nur die Reflexion einer Figur betrachten. Es ist schwer "Allied" zu bewerten. Selbst wenn Allied mal den Stand verliert, ist es dennoch berührend zu sehen, wie Zemecki mit Hingabe eine This web page erschafft, die so ruhig und…. Mich hat das alles sehr positiv an den alten Zemeckis erinnert. Frankie Go Boom. Deine E-Mail-Adresse. Lizzy Check this out. Allied Film

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