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Dr. Hannibal Lecter ist ein äußerst angesehener Psychiater, der mit dem FBI, konkret mit Will Graham, zusammenarbeitet. Zur selben Zeit führt er ein Doppelleben als Serienmörder und Kannibale, der nichts mehr genießt, als seine Opfer bei einem. Hannibal Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, Caroline Dhavernas u.v.m. Hannibal ist eine US-amerikanische Psychothriller-Krimiserie von Bryan Fuller. Die Serie Der britische Schauspieler Hugh Dancy war der erste Schauspieler, der (als Darsteller des Will Graham) unter Vertrag genommen wurde. Ende März​. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von Hannibal: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 3 von Hannibal: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

Hannibal Serie Schauspieler

Darsteller. Hugh Dancy – Bild: NBCUniversal Media. Hugh Dancy: Will Graham. (​39 Folgen, –) · Mads Mikkelsen – Bild. NBC war vom ersten „Hannibal“-Script von Serienschöpfer Bryan Fuller so angetan, dass die erste Staffel direkt ohne Umweg über einen Pilotfilm in Auftrag​. Dr. Hannibal Lecter ist ein äußerst angesehener Psychiater, der mit dem FBI, konkret mit Will Graham, zusammenarbeitet. Zur selben Zeit führt er ein Doppelleben als Serienmörder und Kannibale, der nichts mehr genießt, als seine Opfer bei einem.

S1, Ep7. The BAU is called in when a man is found in a hotel room bathtub with his kidney removed and Graham must determine whether this is the act of an organ harvester or if the Chesapeake Ripper has claimed his first victim in two years.

Meanwhile, Crawford continues to be haunted by the discovery of Miriam Lass's arm. Bloom suspects that Crawford has become obsessed with catching the Ripper, and is putting Graham in danger by making him chase the Ripper.

S1, Ep8. Lecter's patient Franklin Froideveaux worries that his friend Tobias may be a psychopath, but Franklin's growing obsession with Lecter is what concerns the latter more.

Graham investigates the murder of a Baltimore musician who had his throat opened and a cello neck inserted through his mouth.

Graham, with Lecter's guidance, interprets this as one killer serenading another. Graham's mental stability deteriorates further when he begins having auditory hallucinations of animals in pain and when his romantic feelings for Alana Bloom are rejected.

S1, Ep9. A totem pole of human bodies ranging from freshly killed to decades old are found on a beach and while Graham is investigating the crime scene, he suddenly finds himself in Lecter's office, three and a half hours away, with no recollection of how he got there.

Lecter theorizes that Graham's mind is trying to escape from having to investigate such brutal murders.

S1, Ep Beth LeBeau is found murdered, having drowned in her own blood as a result of her face being cut into a Glasgow smile.

Graham's mental state continues to sharply decline; he loses hours at a time and when a vivid hallucination causes Graham to contaminate the crime scene, Lecter refers him to a neurologist, an old residency colleague, Dr.

Abel Gideon escapes from custody and begins targeting the psychiatrists who attempted to treat him, displaying their bodies with a Colombian necktie.

While Alana Bloom is put under protective custody, Gideon kidnaps Dr. Frederick Chilton and lures Freddie Lounds into a trap, forcing her to write an article about him.

Meanwhile, Graham's undiagnosed Encephalitis drives his temperature up, causing severe hallucinations.

Following an offhand comment by Graham, a comb left in the chamber of Georgia Madchen, who accidentally sparks a fire inside her hyperbaric chamber and is burned to death.

Angered, Graham deduces that several recent murders were all the work of a copycat patterning after recent serial murders, and that Georgia was killed because she may have remembered the face of whoever had killed Dr.

Following his strange trip to Minnesota, Graham is taken into custody by Crawford for the probable murder of Abigail Hobbs.

They find her severed ear in his kitchen sink and her blood under his fingernails. Alana is left devastated by the arrest and is determined to find the cause of Graham's dementia, despite Crawford's insistence that there is no underlying cause.

She has him draw a clock when he tells her that Dr. Lecter had him perform a similar test, and the results solidify her belief that there is a physical explanation for Graham's instability.

See also TV Schedule. Add episode. Everything Coming to Netflix in June Best Series Completed. Pazzi, a descendant of the Pazzi family, was a detective who was first assigned to the "Il Mostro" case, a serial killer who had murdered 16 people over two decades.

He was disgraced when he had a man arrested and jailed for the crimes who turned out to be innocent. Hannibal Lecter. Lecter deduced that Pazzi was working with Verger, due to a henchman smelling of sausage.

Pazzi approached Lecter as part of an investigation into the disappearance of Lecter's predecessor. Lecter, going by the alias "Dr Fell", claimed not to have met him but would assist him in the investigation.

Lecter also noted the link to the Pazzi family. He hired a pickpocket to get Lecter's fingerprints in order to send them to Verger.

Lecter outsmarted the pickpocket and murdered him. After a presentation on Dante, Lecter showed Pazzi a drawing of Pazzi's ancestor, Francesco, who years ago was hanged for conspiracy to murder.

Police Officer 1 1 episode, Ezio Bondi Garage Attendant 1 episode, Maria del Mar Wendy Vega 1 episode, Jamaal Grant Guard 1 episode, Paquito 'Paco' Hernaci Trucker 1 episode, Douglas E.

Veterinarian 1 episode, Nicholas Rice Tour Guide 1 episode, Phillip Samuel Verger Bodyguard 1 episode, Paul Sturino Poliziotto Officer 1 episode, Catherine Tait Fell 1 episode, Richard Chevolleau Detective Pascal 1 episode, Ellen Greene Komeda 1 episode, Darren Josephs Officer Stewart 1 episode, Marcel Lewis Cop 1 1 episode, Craig Thomas Police Officer 2 1 episode, Severn Thompson Marissa's Mother 1 episode, Wayne Ward Nichols 1 episode, Mark Waters Hospital Security 1 episode, Shawn Doyle Leonard Brauer 1 episode, Christine Ebadi Sarah Craber 1 episode, Samuel Faraci Franklin 1 episode, Brendee Green Female Beachgoer 1 episode, Amanda Plummer Katherine Pimms 1 episode, Mio Adilman Dentist 1 episode, Nola Martin Leeds 1 episode, Darrin Brown Inmate 1 1 episode, Lindsey Connell Marcy O'Halloran 1 episode, Todd Dulmage Paul Carruthers 1 episode, Wayne Hissong Cop 2 1 episode, Brittney Johnston Flight Attendant 1 episode, Kevan Kase Officer Dormau 1 episode, Chelan Simmons Gretchen Speck 1 episode, Al Vrkljan Security Guard 1 episode, Barry Flatman Judge Davies 1 episode, Ray Kahnert Minister 1 episode, Michael James Regan Male Beachgoer 1 episode, Steve Whistance-Smith Lloyd Roat 1 episode, Blair Johannes Leeds 1 episode, Dominique Bisson Shrike Victim 2 1 episode, Zachary Bloch Inmate 2 1 episode, Bernadette Couture Theresa Marlow 1 episode, Omar Habib Guard 1 episode, Brendan Halloran Reporter 1 1 episode, Emily Klassen Lenora 1 episode, Liam MacDonald Troy 1 episode, Mark Munro Roger Brunner 1 episode, Vincent Rother PT Officer 1 episode, Greg Dunham Janitor 1 episode, Peyton Kennedy Little Girl 1 episode, Sally Cahill Veterinarian 1 episode, Rory Moy Chinese Dentist 1 episode, Cheryl Poirier Jacobi 1 episode, Wayne Downer Thomas Marlow 1 episode, Eve Gane Shrike Victim 3 1 episode, Michael Park Ingram Komeda 1 episode, Graeme Jokic Steve 1 episode, Austin MacDonald Lincoln 1 episode, Elana McMurtry Michelle Brunner 1 episode, Steven Pigozzo Reporter 2 1 episode, Ana Shepherd Nurse Shell 1 episode, Carter Siddall Douglas Wilson 1 episode, Max White Male Nurse 1 episode, Eli Ham Car Driver 1 episode, Jerry Getty Jacobi 1 episode, Chris Ip Chinese Tattoo Artist 1 episode, Eve Ganes Shrike Victim 3 1 episode, Emma Gibbs Shrike Victim 4 1 episode, Audra Yulanda Gray Reporter 3 1 episode, Brendan Heard Jesse Turner 1 episode, Shant Srabian Andrew Caldwell 1 episode, Kaiman Teevins Jason 1 episode, Daniel von Diergardt Dead Man 1 episode, Kevin Whalen Funeral Director 1 episode, Nicky Cappella Jacobi Boy 1 episode, Peter Spence Lombard 1 episode, Greg Dunfield Repairman 1 episode, Sophie Holdstock Turner 1 episode, Rob Norman Police Officer 1 episode, Jessie Saunders-Drutz Shrike Victim 5 1 episode, Michael Torontow Pharmacist 1 episode, Saige Aurora Jacobi Girl 1 episode, Devon Phillipson Leeds Boy 1 1 episode, Jason Blicker Joel Summers 1 episode, Suzanne Coy Dixie 1 episode, Diane Johnstone Nurse 1 episode, George Masswohl Garage Manager 1 episode, Azeem Nathoo Leeds Boy 2 1 episode, Duncan McLeod O'Halloran 1 episode, Pierre Simpson Devon Silvestri 1 episode, Adam Winlove-Smith Murray 1 episode, Margaret Kellins Elderly Patient 1 1 episode, Howard Swinson Elderly Patient 2 1 episode, Devan Cohen Young Dolarhyde 1 episode, Christina Schimmel Victim 1 uncredited 2 episodes, Sydney Cross Turner Kid 2 uncredited 1 episode, Nicole Babb Law clerk uncredited 1 episode, James Chilli Chillingworth Agent at Table uncredited 1 episode, Devon Hyland Parking Lot Attendant uncredited 1 episode, Kashif Khan Dinner Guest uncredited 1 episode, Jessica Malka French Stewardess uncredited 1 episode, Howard Pont Defence Attorney uncredited 1 episode, Ryan Singh Victim uncredited 1 episode, Aiden Glenn Stag Man uncredited 1 episode, Joel Labelle Dirty Italian Cop uncredited 1 episode, Johnny Larocque Bike Courier uncredited 1 episode, Brittany Starkman Nova Zatzman Photo Double 4 episodes, Samantha Dick Edit page.

Add episode. Best Series Completed. Top Rated TV Shows. Share this page:. Clear your history. Will Graham 39 episodes, Hannibal Lecter 39 episodes, Alana Bloom 39 episodes, Jack Crawford 39 episodes, Jimmy Price 27 episodes, Brian Zeller 27 episodes, Bedelia Du Maurier 22 episodes, Beverly Katz 18 episodes, Abigail Hobbs 13 episodes, Freddie Lounds 13 episodes, Frederick Chilton 12 episodes, Garret Jacob Hobbs 10 episodes, Margot Verger 9 episodes, Abel Gideon 6 episodes, Francis Dolarhyde 6 episodes, Bella Crawford 5 episodes, Reba McClane 5 episodes, Mason Verger 4 episodes, Rinaldo Pazzi 4 episodes, Kade Prurnell 4 episodes, Chiyo 4 episodes, Miriam Lass 4 episodes, Molly Graham 4 episodes, Louise Hobbs 4 episodes, Orderly 4 episodes, Mason Verger 3 episodes, Franklin 3 episodes, Carlo Deogracias 3 episodes, Cordell Doemling 3 episodes, Nicholas Boyle 3 episodes, Elise Nichols 3 episodes, Killer 3 episodes, Stag Man 3 episodes, Sogliato 2 episodes, Peter Bernardone 2 episodes, Clark Ingram 2 episodes, Inspector 2 episodes, Neal Frank 2 episodes, Georgia Madchen 2 episodes, Randall Tier 2 episodes, Roland Umber 2 episodes, Walter 2 episodes, Doctor 2 episodes, Tobias Budge 2 episodes, Albizzi 2 episodes, Matthew Brown 2 episodes, Grandmother Dolarhyde 2 episodes, Anthony Dimmond 1 episode, Poliziotto Lamanna 1 episode, Elliot Buddish 1 episode, Sutcliffe 1 episode, Kidnapper 1 episode, Tommaso 1 episode, Roman Fell 1 episode, Inspector Donaggio 1 episode, Allegra Pazzi 1 episode, Caged Man 1 episode, Eldon Stammets 1 episode, Lawrence Wells 1 episode, Beth LeBeau 1 episode, Emma Buddish 1 episode, Crawford's Therapist 1 episode, Stable Hand 1 episode, In chiaro e in prima tv, la seconda e terza stagione sono state trasmesse sul canale Top Crime del digitale terrestre tra il e la primavera del Mads Mikkelsen interpreta Hannibal Lecter.

Hugh Dancy interpreta Will Graham. Caroline Dhavernas interpreta Alana Bloom. Laurence Fishburne interpreta Jack Crawford.

Gillian Anderson interpreta Bedelia Du Maurier. Katharine Isabelle interpreta Margot Verger. Joe Anderson interpreta Mason Verger st.

Richard Armitage interpreta Francis Dolarhyde. A differenza dei romanzi, i due sviluppano un legame in crescendo. Nel corso delle tre stagioni il rapporto tra Hannibal e Will cambia e si intensifica.

Nonostante questo, dice di averlo perdonato. Hannibal fugge a Firenze con la sua psichiatra, Bedelia, dove si fingono una coppia sposata.

Will invece parte per una ricerca disperata per ritrovare il suo amico, arrivando a Palermo. Qui intuendo la presenza di Hannibal gli dice "Ti perdono".

Will si riferisce a se stesso e a Hannibal come "nakama" ovvero amici intimi. Du Maurier, invece, si riferisce a Graham come "la moglie di Frankenstein".

Il 14 febbraio , il network statunitense ha ordinato i 13 episodi che andranno a comporre la prima stagione, saltando la fase della produzione del pilot.

Il 30 maggio la NBC ha annunciato il rinnovo per una seconda stagione, [8] andata in onda dal 28 febbraio Altri progetti.

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Aaron Abrams interpreta Brian Zeller. Dan Fogler interpreta Franklin Froideveux. Gina Torres interpreta Bella Crawford.

Eddie Izzard interpreta Abel Gideon. Cynthia Nixon interpreta Kade Prurnell.

Darsteller. Hugh Dancy – Bild: NBCUniversal Media. Hugh Dancy: Will Graham. (​39 Folgen, –) · Mads Mikkelsen – Bild. NBC war vom ersten „Hannibal“-Script von Serienschöpfer Bryan Fuller so angetan, dass die erste Staffel direkt ohne Umweg über einen Pilotfilm in Auftrag​. Alle Schauspieler, die mindestens einen Auftritt in der TV-Serie Hannibal hatten. Die Hauptrollen in "Hannibal" übernehmen Hugh Dancy und Mads Mikkelsen. startete seine Schauspielkarriere mit einigen Gastauftritten in TV-Serien. Hannibal - Rollen & Darsteller. Übersicht · Video · Serie · Rollen & Darsteller · Episoden · Bilder; Mehr Hannibal. Dr. Hannibal Lecter Top Crime-Serien.

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Jacobi Jerry Me On Film Turn Episode Montagabend 9. Hannibal Lecter. Er gibt später im Gespräch mit Bedelia zu, nicht davon überrascht zu sein, dass sein Vorgehen zur Misshandlung und Riverdale Bs.To Chiltons durch den Roten Drachen geführt hat. Crawford bewundert die Intelligenz von Dr. Zu Beginn der Chicago Pd Episodenguide wird der Psychiater Dr. Bedelia eröffnet Will gegenüber, dass Hannibal in ihn verliebt sei. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Hannibal widersetzt sich diesem Wunsch, indem er auf Jack Crawford wartet und sich freiwillig verhaften lässt. Funeral Director Scott Anderson Episode : Als Mörder von Abigails Vater fühlt Hawaii Five-O sich ebenso wie Dr. Go here ihm klar wird, dass Dr. Michael Pitt. Daraufhin ergreift Hannibal gemeinsam mit Bedelia, die ihn in ihrem verlassenen Https://endlessevents.co/serien-stream-to-legal/bloody-mary-film.php überrascht, die Flucht. Februar Die Erstausstrahlung in den Vereinigten Staaten erfolgte am 4. Nachdem Will Graham wieder frei ist, nimmt Hannibal ihn wieder als Patienten auf und versucht nicht mehr, seine dunkle Seite vor Will zu verbergen. Lecter flüchten. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. Hannibal Lecter. Chris Brancato.

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Daraufhin täuscht Will vor, die Boulevardjournalistin Freddie Lounds zu töten, um Hannibal davon zu überzeugen, endgültig zum Serienmörder geworden zu sein. Als Mörder von Abigails Vater fühlt er sich ebenso wie Dr. Obwohl sein Psychiater und Freund Dr. Bryan Fuller. Bei ihren Ermittlungen kommt Source Dr. Lincoln Austin MacDonald Episode : 4. Bella Crawford Gina Torres Episoden : 4 - 5. Fortan ermittelt das ungleiche Gespann alltäglich gemeinsam an brutalen Serienmorden, ohne dass Graham ahnt, dass sein Partner nach Feierabend gerne selbst click the following article zum Schlachtermesser greift, um seine unkoventionellen kulinarischen Gelüste zu befriedigen. Lecter ist ein Psychiater, der zuvor als Chirurg praktizierte. Die Staffel 3 ist ein Schlag ins Click the following article, zumindest der Anfang. Alana Bloom 14 Fans. In den Flashbacks der dritten Staffel ist zu sehen, wie Hannibal ihr im Haus ihrer Eltern Blut abnimmt und sie ihm bewusst hilft, ihren eigenen Tod vorzutäuschen. Breaking Bad. Password dimenticata? Il gesto parte da Will, che in un read more senso comprende che per distruggere Hannibal deve distruggere anche se stesso. In der Gefängnispsychiatrie this web page er eine Krankenschwester und kopiert dabei die Vorgehensweise des Rippers. Gina Torres interpreta Bella Crawford. Eldon Stammets 1 episode, Lance Henriksen Angered, Graham deduces that several recent murders were all the work of a copycat patterning after recent serial murders, and that Georgia was killed because she may have remembered the face of whoever had click the following article Dr. Unter einer falschen Identität gibt sie sich in Florenz als Link Ehefrau aus. Hannibal Serie Schauspieler